Innovation in Tire Monitoring

TMS is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality wireless tire pressure and temperature monitoring systems.

We design our TPMS specifically for large industrial and Off-the-Road (OTR) vehicles. In particular our primary applications span:

  • Mining & construction
  • Earthmoving
  • Large mobile cranes
  • Container & Cargo handling equipment
  • Mass transit systems

At TMS, we can improve safety and reduce operating costs for your fleet. Specifically, with accurate tire pressure and temperature tracking, our system:

  • Enhances tire performance
  • Prolongs tire life
  • Reduces vehicle downtime
  • Improves fuel efficiency

Why TMS?

Of course our ruggedized TPMS solutions can withstand the most challenging conditions. For this reason it easily handles severe vibration, extreme temperature cycling, and tire pressures up to 200psi.

In addition its unmatched sensitivity utilises up to four antennas. So this ensures compatibility with vehicles up to 24 wheels. Ensured reliability comes even when surrounded by tonnes of metalwork and electrical interference.

Another key point is that with our TPMS, your fleet will generate valuable data. Once the data is collected the free App gives managers the power to plan efficiently all tire maintenance and replacement schedules.

Tire Pressure Monitor System Features

Importantly it can withstand extreme conditions:

  • Severe vibration
  • Extreme temperature cycling from -25°c to 100°c
  • Tire pressures up to 200psi

But most importantly the system compensates for altitude when measuring tire pressure and temperature. Additionally the wireless signal strength covers large distances. It also works around tonnes of metalwork and electrical interference. Moreover there are four antennae for transmission redundancy.

In short, TMS offers a solution that is reliable, accurate and effective.

Consequently it works with any tire from any manufacturer, for any industrial vehicle. As well as practically any environment.

Because we are a company centred around its customers, TMS remains at the forefront of developing cutting-edge products.

As a result our products:

  1. Enhance safety
  2. Improve efficiency
  3. Add performance

So if you are responsible for keeping your industrial vehicles moving at all times get in touch now.

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