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Good tire management will improve the profitability of your business as tire maintenance and repair are significant parts of your operating costs. An accurate and reliable Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) will alert you to any potential tire problems, improving driver and vehicle safety as well as allowing you to efficiently schedule repairs or maintenance.  In addition, it will help you avoid accelerated tire wear and tire failures, as well as improve fuel efficiency.  Overall, you will benefit from improved Safety, make significant Savings on tire and fuel costs and improve Sustainability within your business.

System Overview

How does our TPMS work? The system overview gives you a description of the unique and innovative TMS® system, as well as a graphic to help you visualise how our easy-to-install tire monitoring system works.

We are confident in the benefits our innovative TPMS can bring your business. So let us demonstrate how TMS® can help your company save money and improve safety by taking part in a free trial of our TPMS. read more…

Typical Applications

If it is important for your operation that your Industrial or Off-the-Road (OTR) vehicles are always running. As well as keeping downtime to a minimum, then you need an accurate and reliable TPMS. Coupled with the fact that our system works wherever you need to monitor tire pressure and temperature remotely. Even if the conditions are harsh our system will transmit and log this data. We give examples of the types of applications where TMS® Is being used. read more…

Why you need a TPMS

Safety is the most important reason for having an accurate and reliable TPMS system across your fleet of vehicles. Improved productivity and profitability are equally important benefits. To demonstrate this a full list of the main reasons why your company would benefit from installing a reliable TPMS on your fleet are discussed in this section. read more…

Why choose TMS®

TMS® is a registered trademark of Tire Monitor System Ltd. We believe our system offers several advantages compared to alternative products. Find out how your company can improve safety, reduce costs and increase productivity. All just by installing our reliable and accurate TPMS on your vehicles. read more…

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We’re looking for reseller and OEM partners to join the team! read more…


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The TMS® range of products is manufactured in the UK and distributed across the world through an international network of partners. Our partners are established market leaders in the tire fitting and maintenance market.

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