Why you need a TPMS

What is a Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

A Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) measures the pressure and temperature of tires. It continuously feeds the information back to the driver or the fleet manager in real time. Because of this flow of information, decisions can be made on the safety and efficiency of vehicles’ tires. It also enables managers to plan for servicing and repair. 

Why you need a TPMS for your Industrial Vehicles – top reasons to invest

1. Safety

A TPMS provides real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature, alerting operators to potential issues that could compromise safety. Consequently it helps prevent tire blowouts, accidents, and equipment damage caused by under- or over-inflated tires or by tires overheating. In short, ensure that the system from your chosen provider is accurate and reliable. Make sure the signal will always be able to be received, wherever you are, and however harsh the environment.

2. Cost Reduction

Maintaining proper tire pressure prolongs tire life and improves fuel efficiency. Additionally a TPMS helps optimise tire performance, reducing the frequency of replacements and saving on fuel costs. As a result this means significant cost savings for the operation and increases the profitability of the business. 

3. Downtime Prevention

Unplanned downtime due to tire-related issues can be expensive and disruptive. Investing in a TPMS enables proactive maintenance by identifying tire problems in advance. This allows for timely repairs or replacements and minimises unexpected equipment downtime.

4. Why you need a TPMS – Sustainability

A TPMS ensures tires always operate within the advised parameters, allowing for timely re-treading to take place. Correspondingly the business can report sustainability and carbon savings because of extending the life of the tire. However this would be almost impossible without a credible system.

5. Operational Efficiency

Installing a system enables better fleet management and operational efficiency by providing data-driven insights. Consequently it allows operators to monitor tire health, track performance trends and plan maintenance schedules more effectively. As a result this information leads to optimised operations and improved productivity. A system that logs data consistently and provides full reporting capabilities is a minimum requirement.

6. Operator Confidence and Comfort

Tire Pressure Monitors Systems promote operator confidence by providing timely warnings and notifications about tire issues. As a result, operators feel more secure and focused on their tasks, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction. A proven track record of a systems reliability is essential to promote operator confidence.

7. Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Many industrial sectors have specific regulations and standards regarding tire pressure monitoring. Investing in TPMS ensures compliance with industry requirements, avoiding penalties, legal issues, and reputational damage. The TPMS System you chose needs to meet the standards required by your industry and meet reliability criteria.

8. Time saving

With an automatic monitoring system, you can do away with the regular manual checks of all the tires pressures on all the vehicles. A TPMS eliminates this time-consuming task. It also ensures these checks are performed whilst still capturing issues that occur between manual checks.

We all know that in the right hands data is incredibly valuable. With a quality system you?d have this data available for later analysis. Furthermore this could be used for training drivers about tire issues. As well as changing working practices to avoid stressing tires. Also to provide evidence for warranty claims with tire manufacturers. The data could also be used to analyse the reasons why tires are operating outside normal limits.

With good installation guidelines and practices, installing a TPMS by TMS® is a simple process. It can be completed in a very short period. Coupled with the free TMS® App you can ensure the installation is working correctly and the communications from all sensors are optimised.

Overall, investing in TPMS for industrial vehicles brings many advantages. These advantages include:

  • safety improvements
  • cost reductions
  • downtime reduction
  • compliance adherence
  • operational efficiency
  • sustainability
  • enhanced operator confidence

Why you need a TPMS

In summary, buying a TPMS is an essential investment for any industrial operation using OTR vehicles. Do ensure that your chosen TPMS provider can demonstrate a proven track record of operations in harsh environments, such as high and low temperatures and high levels of vibration. Also ensure that the data logging is comprehensive, accurate and reliable, allowing operators and managers to plan ahead to schedule tire maintenance and replacements.

The smart choice is to look for an independent TPMS supplier who can provide TPMS for all tire manufacturers. As well as for tires of any size and for any vehicle. This will ensure the maximum cost savings. Note that some TPMS providers only offer systems for a limited number of tire manufacturers and/or sizes. This can be a limitation if you use a variety of tires by different manufacturers in your business.

Don?t miss out on the immense benefits a well-chosen TPMS can provide your company.

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