Achieve efficient management processes with the TMS Manager

An essential piece of equipment for any fleet manager of OTR vehicles is the TMS Manager. This vital software helps fleet managers to easily set up and manage their TMS.

The TMS Manager allows the user to choose the wheel configuration for the OTR vehicle, set alarm conditions for each individual tyre and then monitor the results. As a result, fleet managers can customise the TMS’s alarm system to perfectly suit the needs of individual jobs, allowing for absolute accuracy and efficiency of alarm readings.

Tyre alarms can be set for a number of different criteria, including PSI levels, high temperature, reception timeout, low battery and low voltage. With these available options, fleet managers can customise their alarms to the precise needs of the job at hand.

The TMS Manager can also be used to download all data that has been logged by the Operator Interface. Once downloaded, it is displayed in a clear and easy to understand format for a full and in-depth analysis of tyre conditions.

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April 17, 2014 in News

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