Innovative TMS provides key benefits

Our innovative tire monitor systems offer a number of tangible benefits to fleet managers. Here, we?ve put together a list of the primary advantages you can expect to receive when you integrate this system into your general processes.

Reduce costs

With a TMS, fleet managers and drivers receive accurate, real time data that can help to maximise the lifespan of tyres and reduce downtime, so that all projects can remain on time and within the set budget.

With the accurate tyre pressure readings generated by the TMS, fleet managers know in real time when the vehicles? tyres are low on pressure. As a result, managers can maximise fuel efficiency and reduce the cost of unnecessary waste.

Increase productivity

The TMS® facilitates increased operational productivity, as it generates data readings on tyre pressure and temperature when the vehicle is moving, saving the fleet manager from having to cease production to monitor data. The increased operational times allow you to work without stoppages, meaning you can move more in a day than ever before.

Maximise tyre performance

The TMS® helps to increase the overall performance and efficiency of all tyres, due to the in-built alarm systems on each tyre, which work to alert the driver low pressure or an increase in temperature. With the help of these alarm systems, managers and drivers can learn in real time whether there is a problem with a tyre and can avoid blowouts by addressing the problem immediately, reducing downtime and increasing overall productivity of the vehicles.

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The TMS® range of products is manufactured in the UK and distributed across the world through an international network of partners. Our partners are established market leaders in the tire fitting and maintenance market.

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