Collect data and information for OTR vehicles with the TMS Receiver

One of the most vital pieces of equipment on offer at AM Bromley is undoubtedly the TMS Receiver. Working in sync with a number of other products on the TMS, the Receiver helps to provide in-depth analysis and improve the overall efficiency of work processes.

The TMS Receiver is mounted inside the vehicle, where it receives and decodes messages sent from the TMS Sensors. The Receiver is powered by the energy supply from the machine. With this data, the fleet manager or vehicle operator can learn the condition of the tyres in real time, alerting them to alerts or emergencies that may arise.

The TMS Receiver is a highly effective piece of equipment and could help to vastly improve the efficiency of job processes. By allowing fleet managers to receive alerts on poor tyre conditions, they can then take steps to prevent blow outs, which will help to reduce downtime. As tyres in poor condition use up more fuel and work less effectively, the fleet manager can learn in real time when they have to be replaced, helping to increase cost effectiveness and the overall quality of the job.

If you would like to get in contact with us about our TMS Receivers, please send us an email through our contact page.

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