Introducing the TMS29 Multi-Axle System

Pioneering electronics designers, A M Bromley Limited, are delighted to be able to launch the brand new TMS29 Multi-Axle System. Ideally suited for construction, mobile crane, container & cargo handling, straddle carrier and rubber tyre gantry cranes, the TMS29 is the first such tire pressure and temperature system that is 16-wheel configurable.

The TMS29 Multi-Axle System provides visible, real-time data to drivers and managers that ensure a strong return on the investment they make in their tires, for as long as possible. The system accurately monitors tire pressure and temperature while vehicles are in service and keeps tires running at optimum performance.

The day-to-day benefits of TMS’s blend of innovative electronics with smart software includes the minimisation of vehicle down time, the avoidance of accelerated wear, reduction in tire failure frequency, maximisation of fuel efficiency and the reduction of costly repairs associated with poor tire pressure maintenance.

The TMS29 Multi-Axle System operates hand-in-hand with the TMS Manager, a windows application that allows logged data to be downloaded and viewed ensuring that historical data can be analysed.

Investing in the TMS29 Multi-Axle System will:

– Reduce tire maintenance cost
– Increase productivity
– Extend tire life
– Avoid vehicle down-time

Click here for further information or speak to one of our distributors to order your TMS29 Multi-Axle System today.

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