TMS Internal Sensor
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TMS Sensor – Internal

TMS sensors measure pressure and temperature and estimate their own battery condition. Every sensor has a unique four-digit identity code (ID) printed on the product label. Periodically and on certain conditions, each sensor broadcasts its ID and measurements as a radio transmission.

  • Mounted internally inside the tire on a tire patch
  • For use in clean dry gas filled tires
  • Pressure range: 6 – 185 psi absolute
  • Pressure accuracy: +/-2psi up to 150psi, +/-3psi 150psi to 185psi
  • Temperature range: -25 to +80degC
  • Transmissions: Every 5 minutes and on change of pressure
  • ID code, pressure, temperature and sensor battery can be read using the TMS Sensor Reader
  • 2 year battery life
  • 112x31x18mm 60g
  • 433.92MHz
  • Compliant with EN 300-220

Fitting sensors:

Our sensor allows easy assembly using the unique TMS rubber toggle system. It is attached to an industry standard tire patch that is stitched to the sidewall. The patches are flexible and lightweight. Patching to the sidewall keeps the sensors away from the rim and the tread.

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