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Introducing the TMS29 Multi-Axle System

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TMS Log Summary facilitates efficient data management

AM Bromley provide a wide range of innovative technologies to help make the TMS system easier to manage, which is why we developed the TMS log summary.

This piece of software provides fleet managers and users with a comprehensive overview of the data recorded from the tyres.. It takes all of the logged data files that are available on the TMS Manager and then interacts with the TMS Log Graph to provide a detailed overview of the data, which not only highlights when alarms have been triggered but also the cause of them.

The generated information can be viewed either on screen or as a print off report, which displays all of the alarms, the appropriate vehicle and the exact time of the incident. As a result of these efficient data reporting measures, fleet managers can work to reduce downtime and increase the overall efficiency of tyre performance.

If you would like to talk to us about our innovative TMS log summary, please get in touch with us through our contact page.

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