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Introducing the TMS29 Multi-Axle System

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Facilitate comprehensive compatibility with the TMS Sensor Reader

The TMS Sensor Reader is a highly important tool in the make-up of the Tire Monitor System, helping to aid the transfer and interpretation of important data.

Its base function is to manually activate compatible TMS Sensors. Once this has been achieved, the internal or external sensors can transmit data readings from the tyres. This information is then displayed on the screen of the TMS Sensor Reader, which is conveniently handheld and mobile, allowing fleet managers to make data readings from anywhere on the site.

The important data displayed on the screen of the TMS Sensor Reader includes the sensor ID, pressure, temperature and battery power. In addition, it has a robust enclosure that ensures it is resistant to light damage, whilst its backlit display means that fleet managers can take readings in dimly lit areas. It also has an exceptional recharge time of only 1-2hours, meaning a dead TMS Sensor need never inconvenience fleet managers.

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