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Introducing the TMS29 Multi-Axle System

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Get your system up and running with the TMS Starter Kit

The TMS Starter Kit is a vital part of our product range, as it contains all of the components needed to set up and operate the system.

It can be bought from any location around the world and can also be purchased as ex-stock, which will help fleet managers to keep costs to a minimum. All of the components needed for the TMS are included in the Starter Kit, helping it work effectively and efficiently. Components include the sensor reader, external sensors and internal sensors. Using the sensor reader, fleet managers can detect when tyres are no longer performing to standard. In addition to that, they can also read when the sensors themselves are starting to lose battery power, helping managers to keep the system at optimum strength at all times.

The starter kit comes with these products:

  • 6 TMS2A Sensors Internal Readable Clean-dry
  • 6 TMS24A Sensors External Readable Clean-dry
  • 1 TMS11 Receiver standard
  • 1 TMS27 Operator Interface
  • 1 TMS28 Sensor Reader (including recharge power supply)
  • 12 Patch & Toggle assemblies for TMS2A
  • 6 Large bore T-fitting
  • 3 BNC receiver antenna (5m, 8m and 16m)
  • 1 2m harness
  • 1 USB-serial convertor
  • 1 Serial-serial 90way convertor
  • 1 Quick start guide
  • Datasheet

If you want to get in touch with us about our TMS Starter Kit, please send us an email.

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