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Introducing the TMS29 Multi-Axle System

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A closer look at The TMS Log Graph and Log Summary

Creating automatic graphs and reports

It’s our commitment at AM Bromley to create the best possible user experience for our customers, that’s why we’re always looking to innovate further. This is why we’ve produced the Log Graph and Log Summary as part of our product offering.  The TMS Log Graph and Log Summary allow for much greater depth to the TMS Monitor, adding the capability to produce automatically generated graphs and reports.

By visiting the Downloads section of this website you can download the TMS Log Graph software. After a simple installation process, complete with on screen instructions, the TMS Log Graph is ready to go.

This software enables you to automatically produce visuals reports and graphs from your TMS Manager data. Of course this saves you a time consuming task, and means you don’t need to spend that time creating your own spreadsheets and cross referencing them. The Log Graph does it all for you producing detailed and varied graphs and reports.

Extending the experience is something we’re always proud to be doing at TMS and with the TMS Log Summary we offer another program from our Downloads that has become an invaluable aid to many of our clients. The TMS Log Summary operates in conjunction with the TMS Log Graph, meaning that it can record and display an unparalleled amount of data, meaning it can identify each alarm from multiple files.

The information can be printed off or saved as well as being easily analysed on screen. The software has proved particularly effective in situation where whole fleets are being monitored allowing an easy recording of vehicle and time.

With these two pieces of software working together you can greatly extend what is offered by your TMS Manager and let TMS take care of even more of your tire monitoring needs.

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