Success with Leemasters International leads drive for distributors

Since its launch in 2005, Tire Monitor System (TMS) has been well received both in the UK and internationally with thousands of units sold throughout North America, South America, Europe and Australia. Recently it experienced a surge in interest from South East Asia and a distributor was required on the ground, who could offer strong local knowledge and existing relationships.

Leemasters International Systems have specialised in the distribution of Off The Road (OTR) tires for more than 20 years, recently expanding their activities to include tire maintenance solutions. Their Philippines operation, which focuses on clients in the mining sector, represented a real opportunity.

Designed for use in heavy industrial sectors and capable of withstanding extreme operational conditions, the TMS® system integrates tire pressure sensors (internal and external) in real time with a data management system that means drivers and managers can access key tire performance information via cab interfaces and PC programmes while vehicles are in service.

The capital intensive nature of mining means the reliability of large equipment (including OTRs) is critical and the sector has long sought to harness leading edge technologies as offered by the TMS® system Its benefits include; improved fuel efficiency, reduced wear and tear and the ability to predict problems enabling the scheduling of appropriate tire maintenance and maintenance of operational efficiencies.

Mining companies in the region are also facing a worrying shortage of OTR tires as rubber prices continue to rise making it even more important that fleet managers get the best use from their tires.

Improvements to tire maintenance regimes
Leemasters International Systems were soon trialling and are now actively promoting the TMS® system with their clients. They report numerous benefits including significant and immediate improvements to tire maintenance regimes, a reduction in on-site workloads, increased confidence among clients and exceptional levels of support from the TMS® technical team. Owner, Roland Nillas says:
?We have found a wonderful ?ally? in TMS® since it ?watches over? for us without too much intervention. The primary use of proper tire maintenance is air pressure maintenance, something our on-site crew does daily. With the installation of TMS® our workload is reduced. ?
Tire monitoring equipment is not a standard implementation yet in the South East Asia region but this is expected to change rapidly with the ever increasing demand for other mining-related equipment. Roland continues:

?We have proven the positive effect of daily pressure checks using TMS® in the overall performance of OTR tires. Our manpower requirements have greatly reduced and our clients have gained confidence at the same time.?

Benefits of distribution

So far, the experience of being a distributor for the TMS® system has been very positive. ?The full effect has yet to be felt since the relationship is less than a year old but we are optimistic that it will contribute to our bottom line. We receive an immediate reaction from TMS® regarding enquiries and they listen to our needs. We would like some help regarding the daily data download to produce a report that is useful for our requirements in the management of our client?s fleet of tires. We are confident they will work with us to enhance this useful management tool.?

With this relationship going from strength to strength TMS® are keen to replicate it with other, like-minded companies throughout the world. Sales Director, Mandy Bromley, explains why:

?Arrangements like this are mutually beneficial. We get a wider distribution of our product that we could achieve on a direct basis as well as invaluable local expertise while our distribution partners get to showcase a quality product that?s easy to install and has a positive impact on their client?s operations. It can really enhance their relationships and reputation because it supports what they?re already trying to achieve.?

?As we?re not associated with any tire manufacturing company we also offer autonomy and flexibility in pricing. We support our distribution partners with a programme of on-going product feedback/innovation, provide marketing tools (including joint-branded promotional information) and offer a 24 hour, worldwide technical support service whose use we actively encourage.?

To find out more about working as one of our select distribution partners, please contact Mandy Bromley on +44 (0)1298 77166 or use our contact form.

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