The Benefits

The benefits of tire monitor systems
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The Benefits

Our innovative Tire Monitor System can help decrease your downtime and reduce your operating costs by giving you accurate tire pressure data. We can help you improve fuel efficiency, increase tire life and keep you moving.

TMS does this by presenting tire pressure information to the driver and manager:

  • Real time, continuous display in the cab so your drivers can make decisions whilst on shift
  • Data is stored in memory with a time stamp so that your managers can download and view to see historical tire pressure data and a history of the alarms

Showing real time data to drivers gives you some unexpected benefits – the driver will know whether or not a tire with a slow loss of pressure will complete the shift, or if there is sufficient pressure to drive to a convenient place for tire checking.

Keeping Costs Down

Our TMS gives you the information to make the right decisions to maximise tire life and help keep your projects on time and on budget. By operating your tires at the correct pressure, you improve your fuel efficiency – which will help with your costs and enhance your environmental credentials.

Keeping Productivity Up

Temperature and pressure are measured while the vehicle is in service increasing the amount of operational time available to you, which means you can move more in a day than ever.

Maximise Performance

TMS helps maximise the performance of all tire types by warning of low pressure and increased temperature:

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Enhanced tire life
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Early warning of pressure loss
  • Easily fitted inside the tire
  • Warning when moving or stationary
  • Warning before you move
  • Eliminate inconvenient tire changing through early indication of a problem
  • Protected from theft or damage by fitting inside the tire
  • Accurate, error free signals

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The benefits of Tire Monitor Systems The benefits of Tire Monitor Systems

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