Tire Monitor System gains interest in OTR tyre market

Tire Monitor System is distributed to the OTR/earthmover market in the UK via Earthmover Tyres (Wakefield) Limited. Darran Stone, Sales Director for Earthmover Tyres reports significant interest in the system and is presenting it to their customer base where they supply tyre maintenance and supply: “Fitting the internal mounted sensors is easy using standard tyre patching techniques and the external sensors can be fitted at any time using the low profile T-Fitting directly onto the valve stem and a vehicle power supply is all that is needed to connect the system. Tire Monitor System offers our customers a reliable and robust tyre pressure system designed and proven for the rigours of OTR tyres.

Wakefield based Earthmover Tyres has been supplying TMS to its customer base since 2010. Monitoring the pressure and temperatures of the tires on earthmoving machines is vital to the performance and safety of the tyres. TMS can help improve fuel efficiency, reduce wear and predict imminent problems, allowing companies to schedule tire maintenance – losing access to a machine because of unplanned maintenance caused by an unexpected problem with a tire can significantly affect a company’s productivity.

July 30, 2019 in News

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