Tire Monitor System makes debut in Latin America OTR tyre market

Tire Monitor System, a OTR TPMS system is being integrated into a data collection system for mine haul trucks in Chile and Latin America. Bailac, the Chilean giant that specialises in rendering complete OTR tire maintenance, control, repair and retread services, launched UMAN (Unidad de Monitoreo Activo de Neumáticos) which is the Active Tire Monitoring Unit in July 2009. UMAN can be communicated with via WiFi, Ethernet or RS232, enabling it to be implemented in several applications above and below ground, UMAN can also be integrated with other industrial solutions relating to the management of OTR vehicles. Tire Monitor System exports sensors and receivers to Bailac in Chile, the specialist vehicle telemetry and integration is managed by Bailac to produce the complete UMAN solution, configured using a single TMS sensor per tyre, and a standard TMS receiver with two antennas. Type of vehicles that have been equipped so far, include CAT 777, CAT 785, CAT 797, Komatsu W900, CAT 994 and Letorneau L1850 with tyre sizes up to 63 inch! Bailac attach the pressure sensors inside the tyre using patch repair techniques.

Increasing the availability of mine haul trucks and the rising cost and supply of OTR tyres is being tackled in Latin America by insuring that the tyre pressures are maintained and that early warning detection is given if values go outside the thresholds that are permitted and recommended. Ensuring the correct tyre pressure has many benefits which are well known in the OTR tyre industry such as improving fuel efficiency and reducing vehicle downtime.

May 25, 2010 in News

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