TMS Manager Helps to Improve Overall Efficiency of System

One of the most vital pieces of equipment we supply is the TMS Manager. This piece of critical software allows the user to perform a number of tasks that allow you to set up your tire monitor system and manage it to make it more effective.

A key feature of the TMS Manager is that it allows you to select your own wheel configuration and alarm setting for tyres. With this vital element, the user can set alarm thresholds that are perfectly suited to the needs of the job and of the vehicle in a simple and easily understandable way. The tyre alarms can be set for a number of different things, including low battery, low voltage, low PSI, high PSI and high temperature. An alarm can also be set to detect when the receiver does not receive a valid reception from any sensor, which can help to identify faulty sensors and discover which sensors are out of radio range of the receiver.

Another key feature of the TMS Manager is that lets the user download all data from the memory log in the Operator Interface. Once this data has been downloaded, it can be easily displayed as shown in the image below.

TMS Log Graph

With this easy to understand, well displayed data, the user can really see how their tyres are performing and take steps to improve upon this.

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February 12, 2014 in News

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