TMS Sensor Reader facilitates instant data readings

One of the most crucial aspects of OTR fleet management and tire monitoring is the ability to have data available at short notice – to enable accurate and efficient decision making which isn’t left until it’s too late to act effectively.

The TMS Sensor Reader works alongside the TMS sensor to enable OTR fleet managers to see tire pressure and tire temperature data on a small handheld device. Having this information available at a moment’s notice, as well as periodically, means it can be used to avoid unexpected tire blowouts and costly downtime. Using it as part of a long-term tire management program allows OTR fleet managers to feel confident in the knowledge that they will be able to spot tire pressure and tire temperature faults quickly and before they become irreparable.

The handheld device is used to activate the internal or external TMS sensors manually and once a reading has been requested, the data for the requested tire monitoring sensor is displayed. To make using the TMS Sensor Reader an easy, accessible task the screen clearly displays the ID of the sensor, battery life, tire temperature and tire pressure. Having such information available almost immediately allows for dynamic decision making and avoidance of tire blow outs and down time.

TMS Sensor Reader is a sturdy, robust product which has been designed to last over a long period of time – ensuring you get maximum return on the small investment you make in the product. To allow the TMS Sensor Reader to be available regularly it has a fast recharge time of one to two hours, which guarantees the product will not be out of use for long, costly periods of time. The backlit display on the product allows it to be used with all lighting conditions and ensures that the data is easily readable.

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December 4, 2013 in News

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