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Do you need a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) for your Off the Road (OTR) vehicles? Do you use Michelin OTR tyres but want to reduce the cost of the TPMS? TMS® designs and manufactures high quality TPMS for tires from any manufacturer (including Michelin), for all tires sizes and for all types of vehicles.

Not to mention that with our TPMS system, we can help you minimize downtime, maximise efficiency and reduce fuel costs. Therefore, by using our proven system, you can improve profitability, as well as keeping your team and your vehicles safe.

Michelin LP – OTR Tires


TMS® Support for Michelin OTR Tires

Our TPMS supports tires from all the major vehicle manufacturers, including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Belaz, Hitachi, Volvo, etc. Additionally it supports any make of industrial tire.

Specifically, Michelin OTR Tires commonly used in underground vehicles include the Michelin XTXL, Michelin X Mine D2 and Michelin XSM D2. Our TPMS works on all of these tires.

Because our system is independent from any tire manufacturer, you can change tire manufacturer and continue using our system.

A Michelin OTR tire on an industrial  dump truck

Of course a TMS® tire pressure monitoring system is suitable for any size of tire. For example, for surface mining, we can fit our systems on Michelin XDR 3, Michelin XDR 4, Michelin XDR 250 and Michelin XLD D2 tires, amongst many others.

Installation is simple. It is compact and easy to set up to work with your current system Fleet Management System. All at a fraction of the cost of other TPMS.

Our TPMS system enjoys high reliability. The system logs constantly, in real-time, and feeds it back to the driver and the office. Operators immediately receive alerts about any issues with the tire as they arise. This improves the safety for the drivers and protects the machinery.

Michelin LP – OTR Tires


Not only that, early warning of any tire problems means you can make informed decisions on repair and maintenance schedules. This improved planning reduces downtime and increases operational efficiency.

Commonly used quarry vehicle tires include the Michelin XHA2, Michelin XTRA DEFEND, Michelin XD Mineworks and their equivalents.

TMS® Data Gathering

Our TPMS works on all of these tires. There is also an important point to note. Operational data gathered by our system on OTR tire performance is only available to you. You can use the data to compare OTR tire manufacturers.

You will have the information to select the best, most cost-effective tire, for each vehicle and application.

Get in touch now to discuss your requirements. We can show you how to effortlessly improve safety and increase profitability. All whilst reducing carbon emissions and improving your sustainability record.

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The TMS® range of products is manufactured in the UK and distributed across the world through an international network of partners. Our partners are established market leaders in the tire fitting and maintenance market.

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