Internal Sensor

Internal Sensor

You need Internal Sensors for accurate measurement of both pressure AND temperature of the OTR tire. This is critical in applications where tires are highly stressed, such as Mining and Earth Moving.

Each Sensor also transmits an estimate of the battery status. So as to aid identification, each Sensor has a unique four-digit identity code (ID) as part of the transmission. Additionally we laser-mark the ID on the body of each sensor.

Each Sensor periodically and under certain conditions broadcasts its ID and measurements as a radio transmission. The Hub then picks up these transmissions.

In order to assure accuracy we calibrate all sensors across multiple points of the operating range as part of the production and test process. Accuracy is typically within 2psi across this range during this in-house test. Of course calibration certificates can be provided on request.

All equipment is design and manufactured in-house at our facilities in the UK.

Internal Sensor mounting

You can mount the Sensor on the side wall of the tire or use Magnetic Mounts on the rim.

Affixing to the side wall is a simple process using our proprietary TMS rubber toggle system. It glues onto the sidewall of the tire attaching to an industry standard tire patch. The patches themselves are flexible and lightweight and make a very secure mounting. This mounting can handle the natural flexing of the tire.

Alternatively, you can mount the Sensor on flexible magnetic mounts. The powerful magnets snap solidly to the surface of the steel rim inside the inflation chamber of the OTR tire. After installing the first bead during tire fitting, the magnets hold the sensor in place.

Internal Sensors Specifications

Mounting:Inside the tire on tire patch/magnetic mount on wheel
Environment:Dry, clean gas filled tires
Pressure range:6 – 200psi
Pressure accuracy:+/- 2psi
Temperature range:-25 to 100˚C
Dimensions:112 x 31 x 18mm. 60g
Transmission:Standard is every 5 minutes and on change of pressure
Variants:FCC certified
Battery Life:Typically up to 3 years
Compliance:CE and UKCA marked in accordance with 2014/53/EU and 2011/65/EU

You can find previous versions of the internal sensor here.

Internal Sensor - DE9E
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