TMS® Sensor Reader

The handheld TMS® Sensor Reader (TMS28) activates compatible TMS® Sensors manually.

A low frequency activator initiates a data transmission and takes sensors out of hibernation mode.

Once activated, the internal or external sensor transmits its data. The TMS28 then displays the data on its screen: the sensor ID, pressure, temperature and battery.

A site that is using the TMS® products for the first time will need at least one Sensor Reader (TMS28). It is required for setup and diagnostic purposes. However, Sensor Readers are a maintenance tool. Therefore it is not necessary to have one per vehicle in your whole fleet. As such they do not come as part of the standard kit.

TMS® Sensor Reader Specifications

Power:Rechargeable with 18v PSU supplied
Languages:English, Spanish, Russian
Altitude:Built in sensor to compensate for altitude
Pressure:Displays pressure calculated at 18oC
Variants:433 or 315MHz frequencies
Compatibility:Works with TMS2A, TMS23A and TMS24A
Recharging:Fast recharge 1-2 hours
Design:Robust enclosure
product image of the TMS® Sensor Reader
TMS-28 Sensor Reader

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