External Sensor

External Sensor

Use external sensors when speed and convenience are important. There is no need to remove the tire with external sensors.

In the same way as the internal sensors these also measure both pressure and temperature. By comparison the temperature reading is less accurate than the internal sensor. This is inevitable because the sensor is not inside the tire.

Each Sensor also transmits an estimate of the battery status. To aid identification, each Sensor has a unique four-digit identity code (ID) as part of the transmission. The ID is also laser-marked on the body of the product.

Each external sensor periodically broadcasts its ID and measurements as a radio transmission. These transmissions also happen under certain programmable conditions. The Hub then picks up these transmissions.

We can assure you of the measurement accuracy. As part of the production and test process, we calibrate all sensors across multiple points of the operating range. Accuracy is typically within 2psi across this range during this in-house test. Calibration certificates can be provided on request.

We design and manufacture all equipment in-house at our facilities in the UK.

External Sensor mounting

You can screw the sensor directly onto a large valve without needing to remove the valve system. An additional T-piece can also be provided to allow manual checks and inflation without the need to remove the Sensor

External Sensors Specifications

Mounting:On the external valve
Environment:Dry, clean gas filled tires
Pressure range:6 – 200psi
Pressure accuracy:+/- 2psi
Temperature range:-25 to 100˚C
Dimensions:52 x 40mm diameter. 95g
Transmission:Standard is every 5 minutes and on change of pressure
Variants:FCC certified version. 315MHz version
Battery Life:Typically up to 3 years
Compliance:CE and UKCA marked in accordance with 2014/53/EU and 2011/65/EU

You can find previous versions of the external sensor here.

External Sensor - D73B
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