The TMS Hub is a small unit which is mounted in the vehicle and is the heart of the TPMS. It receives and decodes data from the internal and external sensors. This information includes sensor ID, pressure, temperature, and battery status.

Specifically designed for use on Industrial and Off-the-Road (OTR) vehicles, the Hub has four antenna inputs. Then the antennas connect to four independent receiver channels.

This unique design gives best in class communication sensitivity to ensure the most resilient signal reception possible. Consequently the Hub will remain in communication with the Sensors even on the largest of vehicles with up to 24 wheels.

Signal reception remains nonstop even over large distances to the wheels. Neither electrical noise nor vast amounts of metalwork will interrupt the signal.

Data Tracking & Analysis

The sensors send the data to the hub. The hub securely logs and time-stamps the data in flash memory. It can store up to 1.4million events before needing to download. Even with a huge amount of stored data, it downloads quickly to the TMS App.

Any readings outside pre-defined levels prompt an alert to the driver or fleet manager. Each wheel can have its own defined alerts for low and high pressure, high temperature, low battery, and no data.

In addition to these alerts, there is a system to monitor if one wheel is running hotter than the others. The temperature difference is user defined.

TMS Hub Specifications

Outputs:2 x RS232, 1 x USB, 1 x fault output
Inputs:4 antennas with independent receiver channels, fault reset
Clock:Real time clock with battery backup
Memory:Time stamped log of up to 1.4million events
Power:11.5 to 36VDC from vehicle supply. Fused and protected against reverse connection and voltage transients.
Dimensions:126 x 82 x 44mm die-cast, power-coated, aluminium case
Mounted:On vehicle
Operating Range:-10 to 55˚C
Configuration:Through TMS App
Variants:433 or 315MHz frequencies

Given that there are additional ports available you can connect the hub to your own equipment. Hence you can extract all the crucial data to manage the tire pressure and temperatures on the whole fleet.

Additionally a full Application Programming Interface (API) is available free of charge to our partners. This links the real-time data from our sensors to your own software or platform.

The Hub continually monitors atmospheric pressure. This means it shows readings in true gauge pressure.

The installation is simple using the pre-wired cables supplied. These cables link the Operator Interface (Display) and the vehicle’s power supply.

The Hub replaces our legacy receiver.

The TMS Hub is a small unit which is the heart of the TPMS. It receives and decodes data from the internal and external sensors.
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