TMS Manager
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TMS Manager

A PC program enables you to select the wheel configuration for the vehicle and set the alarm conditions for each tire and to monitor results. TMS Manager can also be used to download the data logged by the Operator Interface and display it (see example log).

  • Windows, PC application
  • Configure receiver and operator interface
  • Set alarm thresholds
  • Enable/disable alarms
  • Download memory log from operator interface

Alarms can be set for:

  • Low PSI – set the low-pressure threshold for each tire
  • High PSI – one level
  • High temp – one level
  • Reception timeout – if the receiver does not receive a valid reception from any allocated sensor the alarm will be set. Usually set to 1 hr, this can help detect faulty sensors, or areas where the sensor is out of radio range of the receiver
  • Low battery – indicates when the sensor battery is getting low
  • Low voltage – indicates when the supply to the receiver is low

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