TMS Receiver works in collaboration to improve effectiveness

One of the most important components we provide is the TMS Receiver. The receiver works in tandem with a number of other parts of the TMS, helping to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness.

The TMS Receiver is mounted on the vehicle with the TMS, where it receives and decodes data that has been transmitted from the sensors. This allows the user of the system to analyse a number of key factors, so that they can monitor the condition of the tyres and address any alarms that may be flagged up.

The receiver is a highly efficient piece of equipment, shown by the fact that it does not need to be charged, as it is powered by the vehicle supply.  In addition to this, it has an easy to understand PC interface, where you can read the decoded data from the tyres. One of the main problems to afflict data receivers such as these is that they can often lose their signal. Not so with the TMS Receiver, which has up to four antenna inputs, ensuring a reliable reception at all times. It is a highly durable product, due to its robust, die cast aluminium enclosure, which protects it from sustaining significant damage in rough conditions.

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February 15, 2014 in News

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