Fundamental Benefits of the TMS

We’re proud to supply the innovative Tyre Monitor System TMS, as it provides a number of fundamental benefits to our customers.

Growth of productivity

One of the most significant benefits of the TMS is that it allows fleet managers to analyse data on both the temperature and pressure of fleet tyres at any time, even when the vehicle is at work. As a result, managers don’t have to halt the vehicles to check how they are performing, allowing them to make the most of the working.

Minimise costs

The TMS system provides fleet managers with real time data readings on the tyres. Consequently, they can find out how exactly how long the tyres can be used before their performance is reduced, helping them to remain on budget and make each tyre as cost effective as possible.

In addition, fleet managers can find out when the tyres are losing pressure, exactly when it happens. This helps them to maximise on fuel efficiency, as they can repair or change the tyre before it starts to under preform.

Optimise performance

The in-built alarm systems in the TMS help fleet managers to ensure that tyres are always performing to the highest standard. They can customise the configuration of the alarms, making it alert them when the tyres go below a certain level of performance e.g. pressure, temperature etc. In doing this, managers can avoid blowouts that would otherwise result in blowouts and unnecessary downtime.

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June 24, 2014 in News

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