TMS wins South American Order for Tire Management System – Largest single installation of TMS in any mine anywhere in the world

Photo from left to right: Rodolfo Zalavari (Bailac), Sergio Valencia (Bailac), Mandy Bromley (Tire Monitor System) looking at the TMS® tire data on the UMAN Mobile handheld unit at Manto Verde copper mine in Chile (owned by Anglo American Chile)

TMS, the specialist tire pressure monitoring company, has received the biggest order to date for its OTR Tire Monitor System, for use in the mining industry in Chile. This installation, by the Chilean company Bailac, will be the largest single installation of the system anywhere in the world, with fitting of a minimum of 100 sets expected by January 2010.

Tire Monitor System (TMS) is a direct tyre pressure monitoring system designed specifically for large off road applications such as mining and construction, earthmoving, and container and cargo handling, as well as tire testing and research. It includes a tire-mounted battery-powered pressure and temperature sensor and wireless transmitter.

TMS® will supply sensors, transmitters and receivers to Chilean company Bailac (, to incorporate into its UMAN tire maintenance system, which currently interfaces with the ?Dispatch? (soon to also interface with ?Jigsaw?) mining systems and provides WiFi and Internet access to tire monitoring and performance data. UMAN is used by Bailac to provide support services to the mining industry, as part of its full on-site tire maintenance and control service for the mining industry in Chile and other South American countries.

?We chose the Tire Monitor System as part of our UMAN system because it?s easy to fit and works reliably and consistently even in the most demanding situations,? said Alberto Bailac, General Manager at Bailac. ?It is also very flexible and convenient, as the Tire Monitor System can transmit information to handheld units as the vehicles drive by, they don?t even need to be pulled off their work routines to access the data.?

?We already have 60% of the mine tire service & maintenance market in Chile, and we are growing in Brazil. TMS® as part of the UMAN system will help us to get into Peru and other South American mining markets, as well as markets in North America and South Africa? said Alberto Bailac.

?We went to Chile to see the system in action, and received 100% positive feedback on its performance. Even in the Atacama Desert, which is the driest on earth, the system performed perfectly. Under intense heat like this, tire pressure is especially important to performance and longevity,? said Mandy Bromley, Sales Director at TMS.

Monitoring the pressure of the tires in the huge earthmoving machines used in mining and quarrying is vital to the performance and safety of the tires, which are worth upwards of USD10,000 and can have a life of between two weeks to two years. The Tire Management System can help improve fuel efficiency, reduce wear and predict imminent problems, allowing companies to schedule tire maintenance, losing access to a machine because of unplanned maintenance caused by an unexpected problem with a tire can significantly affect a company?s productivity.

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