TMS Sensor Reader keeps things moving at Dallas Fort Worth

TMS has been used to monitor tire pressure on the Skylink automated people mover (APM) system at Dallas Fort Worth since 2006 but our success hasn’t stopped us looking for ways to make improvements – recently we released a kit enhancement to keep things on track.

When Skylink opened in 2005 at Dallas Fort Worth it was the largest airport train system in the world.  The 64-vehicle INNOVIA APM 200 fleet serves 10 stations on 8 kilometres (5 miles) of dual-lane elevated guideway, with Skylink operating every two-minute intervals, with an average passenger ride time of 5 to 8 minutes.

Today DFW is a busy hub connecting flights across the United States and beyond and Skylink is relied on to move passengers efficiently between terminals.

Bombardier have used the TMS system since 2006 and in 2010 the new format TMS external sensor was developed for the Bombardier Transportation APM vehciles. The new sensor is smaller in physical dimensions but gives improved performance over the whole range of vehicles.

The enhanced TMS Sensor Reader was designed specifically to meet the evolving requirements of Bombardier’s APM vehicles at DFW. The new TMS Sensor Reader enables their service and maintenance teams to check TMS sensors quickly and efficiently. The TMS Sensor Reader interrogates the TMS sensors to know the pressure, temperature, and battery level. Using this device the maintenance crew can check that the sensors, installed in each tyre, are operational and giving the correct readings. Indication of the battery level ensures that sensors are replaced at the correct time.

The TMS system is used to manage tire pressure performance throughout the transportation, industrial haulage, mining and quarrying sectors in some of the most challenging operational environments across the world.

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February 7, 2013 in News

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